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The Laurel Cove Civic League Leadership consists of a Board of Directors composed of five elected officers, four elected Directors, and President Emeritus. In addition there are several Chairpersons. Contact information for the Leadership of our Civic League is provided below:

You may send an email to all of the below Officers, Directors and Committee Chairpersons

at one time by addressing it to: boardmembers@laurelcove.org


President - David Doxey 481-0147(h) president@laurelcove.org
First Vice President - Austen Lynn 439-5966(c) vicepresident1@laurelcove.org
Second Vice President - Sam Miles 481-5101(h) vicepresident2@laurelcove.org
Secretary - Laura Pyle secretary@laurelcove.org
Treasurer - Kara Browning treasurer@laurelcove.org
Pres. Emeritus - VACANT


Beau Bowden 288-4227(c) director-beau.bowden@laurelcove.org
Michael Winner 323-2217(c) director-michael.winner@laurelcove.org
Kathy Hyyppa 685-5355 (c) membership@laurelcove.org
Kirsten Santianni-Green

Committee Chairs

Beautification - David & Pat Doxey 481-0147(h) beautification@laurelcove.org
Entertainment - Pat Doxey 481-0147(h) entertainment@laurelcove.org
Environmental - Loretta Silvia
Historian - Kirsten Santianni-Green history@laurelcove.org
Security - VACANT nwp@laurelcove.org
Newsletter Editor - Laura Pyle newsletter@laurelcove.org
Webmaster - Shaun O'Toole webmaster@laurelcove.org
Yard of the Month (YOTM) - Austen Lynn 439-5966(c) YOTM@laurelcove.org